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Bill Bradley
Al Gore

Lamar Alexander
Gary Bauer
Pat Buchanan
George W. Bush
Elizabeth Dole
Steve Forbes
Orrin Hatch
John Kasich
Alan Keyes
John McCain
Dan Quayle
Bob Smith

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The Campaign Connection will not be updated until next Saturday, July 24th. This is due to a vacation I'm taking, not just from the site, but literally-- I'm heading to the beach for a week. Until then, for updated information on a specific candidate, visit the links page, visit their web site, and look for the campaign schedule. Most candidates have them; some don't. Adios till the 24th...

The 2000 Presidental Elections don't occur for another 16 months, but White House hopefuls are already on the campaign trail. The Campaign Connection is an up-to-the-minute look at the road to the White House: A complete schedule of all the candidates' plans. The page will be updated multiple times daily, and/or as soon as new information is available. ALSO: CLINTON'S WATCH: Complete listings of Bill & Hill's activites.

Lamar Alexander:
FRIDAY, July 16th: Iowa
7:30 am -- Uptown Cafe, Jefferson
9:30 am -- Carrolton Inn Hotel, Carroll
12:00 pm -- Country Host, Sac City
2:00 pm -- Henningson Farm, Denison
6:00 pm -- 813 S.E. Laurie Lane, Ankeny

Gary Bauer:
THURSDAY, July 15th through FRIDAY, July 16th: Georgia
Multiple locations
SATURDAY, July 17th: California
11:00 am -- News conference in front of Hughes Space and Communications, El Segundo. Bauer will outline how both the Bush and Gore policies regarding China are indistinguishable.
SUNDAY, July 18th: California
Multiple locations
TUESDAY, July 20th through FRIDAY, July 23rd: Iowa
Multiple locations
MONDAY, July 26th through TUESDAY, July 27th: Iowa
Multiple locations
FRIDAY, July 30th through SATURDAY, July 31st: Mississippi and Louisiana
Multiple locations

Bill Bradley
WEDNESDAY, July 21st: New Jersey
No public events
THURSDAY, July 22nd: Washington, D.C.
12:30 pm -- Bradley addresses NPC luncheon
FRIDAY, July 23rd: Long Island, New York
No public events
SATURDAY, July 24th: Bridgehampton, New York
SUNDAY, July 25th: Long Island, New York
No public events

Pat Buchanan
FRIDAY, July 16th: Alaska
Anchorage, Fairbanks: Meetings with supporters
SATURDAY, July 17th: Sitka, Alaska
Meetings with supporters
MONDAY, July 19th: Saginaw, Michigan
1:00 pm -- Reception
TUESDAY, July 20th: Michigan
12:00 pm -- Reception, Grand Rapids
5:30 pm -- Reception, Benton Harbor
FRIDAY, July 23rd: Omaha, Nebraska
6:00 pm -- Reception
MONDAY, July 26th: Pennsylvania, West Virginia
12:00 pm -- Pittsburgh, PA Luncheon Reception
3:00 pm -- Weirton, WV Picnic Reception
SATURDAY, July 31st: Ledora, Iowa
12:00 pm -- Picnic - Pig Roast Reception
SATURDAY, August 14th: Ames, Iowa
Iowa Straw Poll

George W. Bush
FRIDAY, July 16th: Iowa
8:30 am -- Tower Park, Des Moines
10:15 am -- Brookside Park, Ames
12:15 pm -- Best Western Regency Inn, Marshalltown
3:30 pm -- Maytag Park, Newton
SATURDAY, July 24th: Cooperstown, New York
Bush will attend Baseball Hall of Fame ceremonies.

Elizabeth Dole: (exploratory candidate)
FRIDAY, July 23rd: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
(No further information)

Steve Forbes:
FRIDAY, July 16th: Iowa
8:00 am -- Days Inn, Missouri Valley
10:15 am -- Town Square, Harlan
12:30 pm -- American Legion Hall, Atlantic
6:00 pm American Legion Hall, Indianola
SATURDAY, July 16th: Iowa
8:00 am -- Comfort Inn, Oskaloosa
10:30 am -- Newton Inn, Newton
12:30 pm -- American Legion Hall, Marshalltown
4:00 pm -- Location TBA, Des Moines
TUESDAY, July 20th: New Castle, New Hampshire
(No further information)

Al Gore
FRIDAY, July 23rd: Hampton, New Hampshire
(No further information)
SATURDAY, August 7th: Little Rock, Arkansas
Evening --Gore 2000 fundraiser at the State Convention House.
TUESDAY, August 10th: Washington, D.C.
Dinners for Gore 2000
WEDNESDAY, September 22nd: Washington, D.C.
Dinners for Gore 2000

Orrin Hatch
(No information available)

John Kasich: (exploratory candidate)
FRIDAY, July 16th: Columbus, Ohio
7:00 pm -- Reception Hosted by Larry Liebert and Jack Ruscilli, $500 per person

Alan Keyes
FRIDAY, July 16th: New Hampshire
(No further information)
SATURDAY, July 17th: New Hampshire
Including an appearance in Dartmouth
SUNDAY, July 18th: Atlanta, Georgia
10:30 am -- Keyes speaks at the Dr. Michael Youseff Church
THURSDAY, July 22nd through FRIDAY, July 23rd: Houston, Texas
22nd: Fundraiser
23rd: Super Talk Radio Anniversary Celebration with Harry Walker
SATURDAY, July 24th: Washington, D.C.
Keyes speaks at the Free Republic "Treason is the Reason" Rally
SUNDAY, August 1st through WEDNESDAY, August 11th: Iowa
(No further information)
SATURDAY, August 7th: Iowa
RNC Midwest Leadership Conference
THURSDAY, August 12th through SUNDAY, August 15th: Iowa
Straw Poll
SATURDAY, August 21st: Londerry, New Hampshire
100th Anniversary Old Home Days
SATURDAY, August 28th: Birmingham, Alabama Alabama GOP Straw Poll
THURSDAY, September 16th: Michigan
Michigan Speakers Forum - Republican Party
FRIDAY, September 17th: Republican Party of Michigan
THURSDAY, September 30: Washington, D.C.
Black Americans PAC Dinner, Hyatt Regency

John McCain
(No information available)

Dan Quayle
TUESDAY, July 20th: Washington, D.C.
12:30 pm -- Quayle addresses NPC luncheon

Bob Smith
FRIDAY, July 16: Coon Rapids, Michigan
7:00 pm -- Keynote speaker at Catholic Conference

NOTE: Schedules are subject to change.

Compiled daily by Brian Stelter
updated FRIDAY, July 16th: On Vacation
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